The Shannon’s S.H.A.R.E. Foundation
exists to bring support, hope and aid to people affected by blood cancers and other related blood illnesses while recruiting and educating potential bone marrow donors.”

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You Can Help Make a Difference, Save A Life Every year, thousands of new cases of leukemia are diagnosed.  There is hope for these patients.  You are their hope.  Blood cancer, like Leukemia is a treatable condition, but it may require chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant or both. Bone marrow transplants are impossible without matching donors.           




We need donors of all types and backgrounds, but donors of color are in especially short supply.  That’s where you come in.  A simple mouth swab and application is all it takes to become a registered bone marrow donor.  You are only called if you are found to be a match for a patient in need.  You can get a swab kit in the mail by clicking HERE or attend a bone marrow drive to register in person.  Contact us for more information.